Dates for exams


M.03.184.4330    Digital Marketing      Tu, 25th of July  2017  from   12 AM to 1 PM
M.03.184.4330    Digital Marketing      Fr, 15th of Sept. 2017  from   5   PM to 6 PM (Make-up exam)


M.03.996.4310    The Fabrics of Dreams.    Fr,   28th of July   2017   from   11 AM to 12 AM
M.03.996.4310    The Fabrics of Dreams.    We, 20th of Sept. 2017   from   12 AM to 1   PM  (Make-up exam)

Registration for exams
: To participate at the exams please register online via JOGU-StINe. The registration period starts on Monday, 12th of June 2017 (1 PM) until Monday, 26th of June 2017 (1 PM). Late registrations or changes of the registrations cannot be considered. In case of problems contact the Studienbüro: