Chair of Management and Social Media


Nomination for the Paul E. Green Award

The article "Does 'Liking' Lead to Loving? The Impact of Joining a Brand's Social Network on Marketing Outcomes" by Prof. Dr. Oliver Emrich, together with his co-authors Prof. Dr. Leslie John, Prof. Dr. Michael Norton, and Prof. Dr. Sunil Gupta, has been nominated for the Paul E. Green Award. The prize is awarded by the American Marketing Association (AMA) and recognizes the best article for the year 2017 published in the Journal of Marketing Research that demonstrates the greatest potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research.

New article published

The article “Websites as Information Hubs – How Informational Channel Integration and Shopping Benefit Density Interact in Steering Customers to Physical Stores” by Prof. Dr. Oliver Emrich together with Kristina Kleinlercher, Prof. Dr. Dennis Herhausen, Prof. Dr. Peter Verhoef and Prof. Dr. Thomas Rudolph is published in the current issue (No. 3, 2018) of the Journal of the Association of Consumer Research (JACR). The study investigates how websites subtly influence consumers‘ channel choice without the awareness of consumers and retailers. The article appears in the special issue “Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape” of JACR. JACR ist a leading journal for consumer behavior and each issue focuses on a special topic with guest-editors who are experts for the respective area.

New Research Assistants at the chair

We are happy to welcome our new scientific employee, Jana-Verena Gerhart, at the chair of social media.