Prof. Dr. Oliver Emrich



Room 01 / 216
Jakob-Welder-Weg 9 (ReWi I)




Selected publications:

Herhausen, D., Emrich, O., Grewal, D., Kipfelsberger, P., & Schoegel, M. (2020): „Face Forward: How Employees’ Digital Presence on Service Websites Affects Customer Perceptions of Website and Employee Service Quality.” in: Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming.

Herhausen, D., Kleinlercher, K., Verhoef, P. C., Emrich, O., & Rudolph, T. (2019): “Loyalty Formation for Different Customer Journey Segments.” in: Journal of Retailing95(3), 9-29.

Broekhuizen, T. L. J., Emrich, O., Gijsenberg, M. J., Broekhuis, M., Donkers, B., & Sloot, L. M. (2019): “Digital Platform Openness: Drivers, Dimensions and Outcomes.“ in: Journal of Business Research.

Kleinlercher, Kristina, Emrich, Oliver, Herhausen, Dennis, Verhoef, Peter, and Rudolph, Thomas (2018): “Websites as Information Hubs – How Informational Channel Integration and Shopping Benefit Density Interact in Steering Customers to Physical Stores”, in: Journal of the Association of Consumer Research (JACR), forthcoming.

John, Leslie K., Emrich, Oliver, Gupta, Sunil, and Norton, Michael I. (2017): “Does 'Liking' Lead to Loving?
The Impact of Joining a Brand's Social Network on Marketing Outcomes.” in: Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), 54(1) (February 2017): 144-155.

John, Leslie. K., Mochon, Daniel, Emrich, Oliver, and Schwartz, Janet (2017): "What's the Value of a Like? Social Media Endorsements Don't Work the Way You Might Think.” in: Harvard Business Review 95(2), (March-April 2017), 108-115.

Emrich, Oliver and Verhoef, Peter C. (2015): “The impact of a homogenous versus a prototypical Web design on online retail patronage for multichannel providers” in: International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(4), 363-374.

Emrich, Oliver, Paul, Michael, and Rudolph, Thomas (2015): “Shopping Benefits of Multichannel Assortment Integration and the Moderating Role of Retailer Type” in: Journal of Retailing, Special Issue on Multi-Channel Retailing, 91(2), 326-342.

Evanschitzky, Heiner, Emrich, Oliver, Sangtani, Vinita, Ackfeldt, Anna-Lena, Arnold, Mark J., and Reynolds, Kristy E. (2014): “Hedonic Shopping Motivations in Collectivistic and Individualistic Consumer Cultures” in: International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31(3), 335-338.